Highs and Lows


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Life is about highs and lows and lots of mediums.  I suppose all highs and lows would mean you are suffering from bi polar disorder, so all those mediums in there is what levels us off.  Uh, I think I’m digressing.

This is an example of an all time “low”.

What I really want to talk about is how yesterday I had a great high and then a depressing low.

I took my Carrot Dogs in for a small group tasting.  I was a bit worried because they actually had to be reheated so I thought they wouldn’t be quite as good.  When you tell someone they are going to eat a carrot dog, they actually first just blink at you, then they say “what, a carrot, what?”.  Then they make a face.  Kind of that crinkled nose, like they just put something that tastes like an old sardine in their mouth.  I reassured everyone though, just taste them, be open, I want feed back, but just give them a taste.

So I made everyone a dog and they took their first bite.  I think for some it’s like when you think you are drinking a sprite and it’s water or maybe the other way around, heh.  Anywho, everyone was shocked.  I mean these things are good and with all the toppings, absolutely delicious.  So the feedback was awesome and there were even stragglers coming in trying to get samples, which no one else was giving up.  So I think I have something here.  It’s all about fun toppings.  So that was my high.  Woohoo!!!

Later that night, I started to look into getting a business started, specifically a food business.  Sweet Jebus, why.  Why do I want to do this?  Honestly, I’ve never seen something so convoluted as the various directions, sometimes conflicting, and licenses required to open a food business in California.  The more I read, the more deflated I got, like a sad, limp balloon.  How am I going to do this?  Is it worth it?  Am I going to fail?  Why won’t my itunes transfer to my new iphone5?  Why does the toenail polish always come off of my third to the pinky toe first?  Oops, do you see what happens?  I get frustrated and then start distracting myself.  I think it might be a coping mechanism.

So I was just deflated though, meh, meh, meh.  I started doubting myself, my abilities, everything.  Sitting in a cubicle all day where things are safe, where I know how to manage expectations started to sound better and better.  Then I realized, this is why many of us end up in a cube and wake up 40 years later, in that same cube, maybe a different company, maybe a different cube or even an office, but it’s still the same.  I realized that I have to try.  That if I fail, fine, but I have to try.  There are thousands of restaurants out there.  I always wonder how the hell they got started.  If they can do it, gosh darn it, I can do it.  As Stuart Smalley said, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darnit, people like me”.

Please tell me you know who Stuart Smalley is?  Cause I’m just gonna feel old.

So chin up, it’s way to early to even start giving up.

I’m off for a quick San Francisco girl’s weekend, but stay tuned.  Next week is time to start grinding meat…duh, duh, duh!!!  And testing liege waffles.  Yum, waffles.


A Carrot Dog???


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Years ago, I was visiting with a very close friend in Jacksonville, FL.  She told me we had to go and get a carrot dog because these things were the bomb.  POW.  Carrot dog?  For real?  A carrot hot dog?  Um, right.  I mean, I think most hot dogs are gross, give me a red hot or give me death.  Most hot dogs I had growing up reminded me over and over again of waste products in tube form.  Well, I’ll try everything once and off we went.

Let me tell you, that carrot dog was like a miracle in my mouth.  How did this tiny little unassuming place manage to make a carrot taste so savory, meaty, and delicious?  Years and years have gone by and I never forgot about that carrot dog.  I don’t remember the toppings, but that taste…so good.

Well, one of the things I know I wanted on my menu is a good vegetarian option.  Heck, I do like meat sometimes, but I’m always curious about vegetarian food.  I mean, most the time it’s some pasta with veggies, a veggie sandwich, risotto, boring.  How about something delicious and savory and makes me want more???  Well, I think I’ve come close to nailing it on this carrot dog recipe.  There will be tweaking and messing around a bit.  Different variations will be created, but damn Gina, I think this is a very good start.

Behold, the Banh Mi Carrot Dog.  I made some homemade Do Chua (pickled carrot and daikon) to counteract the savory/salty of the carrot dog.  Also added, some sliced jalepeno, cucumber, cilantro.  The bun was toasted and a tiny bit of mayo and sriracha on the inside.  I think this is pretty darn good for my first version.  Can’t wait to see where we go from here.

nom nom nom!

Stepping Away from the Middle

There is a quote that a character, Lester Bangs says in Almost Famous:  ” You’ll meet them all again on their long journey to the middle.”  First, this is one of my favorite movies, it always makes me happy.  Second, it sums up how I feel quite a bit lately.  I think I officially fall into middle age…that’s weird.  But seriously though, I went to college,  I got a job.  I thought I was going to do something special, then life kind of kicked in.  I had loans to pay off, I moved across the country, I had to pay my bills.  So like many others, I ended up in a cubicle farm of what I will call some large anonymous corporation.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with this if you like it.  It pays those above mentioned bills, you get medical insurance, it’s pretty steady, kind of.  I’ve seen companies close on me.  I’ve seen friends and loved ones get RIF’d.  I’ve heard all the corporate bs and I’ve a time or two had to dish it out as a manager.  Well, over and over again, I kept thinking of that long journey to the middle and how I’m there and I’m just feeling stuck.  So now is the time I’ve decided to become unstuck.

I started this blog to document myself getting “unstuck” and to “get busy livin'” as Red said.  I know this could be an epic failure, but it could also be the path to a journey that is so much more.  Something where I get to choose the message on how I live my work life.  Something that will be painful, difficult, scary, fun, rewarding, and mine.

So come along and share the laughter and tears as we launch gogoMunky Snacks.  Dollars to donuts the name might change again, but that’s ok, just come along.  You may just want to laugh as I stumble, or listen to my bad jokes and puns.  Maybe it will motivate someone else to try.  So come along on my ride.  By the way, I actually said dollars to donuts above.  I don’t even know what that means.  I don’t.  But I kind of like how it sounds.


Cheers, to the Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship


This is the beginning.  Oh so exciting, exhilarating, beautiful, unknown, scary.  All of this and more.  This blog marks the day where I decided to answer one very important question:  “Get busy living or get busy dying”.  Remember that from Shawshank Redemption?  Don’t like that movie or haven’t seen it.  Yikes, I’m sorry, but you now must be judged harshly.

Seriously though, today I have 11 months and about 2 weeks to make sure I meet a promise I made to myself.  I’ll be 40 this year, egads…40?  Is that why I used the word egads?  Is that what soon to be 40 year olds say?  Ugh, I digress.  I have a little over 11 months to change my life.  Plenty of time right?  When I say change my life, I mean my career, but careers can often entail so much more than just your 9-5 job.  Plus, who gets to just work 9-5 anymore or even go in at 9?

So more to come later.  I’m gonna be all mysterious now because a) no one reads my blog and b) so I have stuff to write about later.

Join me on this fun and bumpy ride.  Buckle your seat belts and put on a really big helmet.  There are no guarantees in life except death, so I’m going to make sure there is a lot of “getting busy living” in there.

I know it’s probably totally gratuitous, but I must post pictures of my dogs.  Deal, because they are freakin’ cute as all get out.